Dear Students / Learner,

It brings me joy to acquaint you with the self employment studies conducted by our institutes. The institute provides Government Approved Courses, with future aspiring fields which helps to build your career in paramedical stream. The institute which runs under DBSS Trust Also Providing Medical Services to civilians Since 20 years for which we have our own 2 Nursing homes And 11 clinics in Nagpur. As A old Enterpreneur our students are working in several hospitals throughout Nagpur. We have our own several paramedical departments like pathology, optometry, physiotherapy, pharmacy, etc which makes our students to be prepare pratically during there studies over here alongly. In short the students who are thinking to build their careers in paramedical field can choose ADN as a all under one roof platform to achieve there goals.

I heartly invite you for the programmes with good wishes for future.

Dr. Purushottam Dwivedi

Dear People / Learner,

With respect to the aforesaid programmes. The world is changing and so are we. We are constantly evolving our teaching methods, adding value to the syllabus, keeping abreast with the latest trends in industry. All this, to help our students keep ahead of the rest.

However, in the pursuit of success, we believe that though your head has to be focused on your dream, your feet have to be firmly on the ground. That’s the fine balance we encourage our students to find.

We try to teach our students the importance of life management. While giving them the latest technology to become global professionals, we also encourage our students to introspect and add value to society as sensitive, responsible human beings. Besides their academic development, we give importance to their social, cultural, emotional and spiritual growth.

If our students go beyond the syllabus and make a difference as professionals and as human beings, we consider that our greatest achievement.

Dr. Ramcharan Dubey

dr neha yadav Nagpur

Dear Students,

Welcome to the department of paramedical science at A.D.N. Institute of Paramedical Science & Hospitals . The department is located is a sprawling environment with highly qualified faculty. The department works with the objective of addressing critical challenges faced by the industry, society and academia. Perhaps even more important is our unceasing commitment to our student helping them to learn, grow, develop and achieve their goals in there pursuit to excel in there professional carrier. The graduate programs continue to draw from a very strong application pool. The department faculty work with excellent Team spirit in different technical streams like, Physiotherapy, Optometry, Pathology, Naturopathy, Radiology which leads to key research publication and consultancy in this areas. The department strives to provide conductive environment for the students to the develop analytical and practical skill and apply them to real world problems.

We welcome you to the paramedical department as under graduate or post graduate or research student and we hope to be part of your success.

Dr. Neha Yadav
Naturopathy Department